Here is a 5-second quickie that will totally prevent
having eye lift surgery and can contribute to minimizing
a horizontal crease above your nose. 

The eyelid lift is unbelievably easy. Results are usually
instantaneous and improve daily. 

It really does take about 5 seconds to lift upper lids.
Preparation: Mist with mineral water and Cream the area
around your eyes and forehead to add slippage and prevent
wrinkling as you exercise.
To raise upper lids: Place your index fingers directly
under the outer edge of your eyebrows, middle fingers
under the middle, and ring fingers beneath the inner
edge. Press in slightly and blink once to feel that you
have a firm, but gentle, hold on the underlying muscles.
Slowly squeeze your eyes tightly shut while gently
raising your brows with your fingertips. If you have
creamed, the skin will slip under your fingers. If you
have not creamed (for emergencies only), add just
enough resistance so that your fingers move with the
muscles (kind of weight lifting for the eyes). 

Repeat the squeeze three times. Rest for the count of 5.
Repeat the exercise. That’s it!
Check the mirror. Your eyes should look larger and
brighter. And more to the point, your upper lids
will begin to tighten.

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You can exhilarate “in the limelight” without being in show biz and

deeply relax in an ocean of sapphire without basking on a Caribbean

Island — all you need is a set of color filters and a light source

to enjoy the effects.

Bathing in color is possibly the oldest, most powerful way to

rejuvenate body and soul (ask any Ancient Egyptian about their

Temples of Light).

Soak up the rays, al fresco, in the privacy of your bedroom, bath

or spa. Simply taking the plunge proves how effective color can be.

Adding your favorite essential oil blend into the equation creates

sheer heaven!

To erase wrinkles and tone your face and neck, simply bask from the

shoulders up with Turquoise and Lemon to rebuild collagen.

I’ve seen a woman with deep, leathery wrinkles in her face drop

about 20 years in several weeks simply by routinely bathing her

skin one-half to one hour in Turquoise light for 5 or 6 days,

alternating with one day of Lemon.

But not just any colored lights will do. You’ll need the book Let

There Be Light: Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy by

Darius Dinshaw. If you can’t find the book easily on line, you can

buy a single copy directly from the Dinshah Health Society. They don’t take credit cards unfortunately, just check,

cash or money order. They are in NJ and can be reached at


Roscolene theatrical gels are used for the color lenses. They are

specifically constructed to give light waves as close to the lead

crystal lenses used by Darius Dinshah. Construction is overseen by

the Dinshah family.

The gels can be found on line. But since I have been using the

system for years, for a wide variety of conditions — anything from a

cold to helping my dog’s heart condition resolve (yes, these lights

can work wonders in many areas — that’s why you must have the

book — they are miraculous).

I’m sure the light fixtures and gels are available on line, but  I

purchase mine from the Lighting Guy in Texas, phone

(214)421-0757. You need the pre-assembled 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ Dinshah

filter set. Cost is around $35.

Two types of boot lamps are available. One is black steel for around

$39 (my favorite). The other is polished aluminum for about $52. If

you have a camera tripod, you can use it to support the boot lamp.

The theatrical light and tripod stand make life easy. Although, I

confess, most times, I just lay my lamp on the bed next to me or my

patient (usually one of my pets) and it works just fine.

Once you are set up, the process is simple. Read the book to get an

idea of the protocol. Then lay or sit under the Turquoise light for

5 or 6 days, alternating with one day of Lemon.

It works! It’s inexpensive! It’s practical! Enjoy!

P.S. I have no financial affiliations with either the Lighting Guy

or the Dinshah Society.

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If you suffer with acne rosacea you already know that it is very different from ordinary “garden variety” acne.

A mild case can result in slight flushing in the middle of your face. While in severe cases there will be excessive redness in the cheeks and nose, greasiness, enlarged pores, lumpy swellings, thick skin, and often permanent scarring.

Sometimes a staph infection can even be involved, eyelids may redden and the mucous membranes of your eyes can sting and burn with conjunctivitis.

Combine this with flushed, blotchy skin and many times, you’ll find the highly strung, intense victims of rosacea  are mistaken for heavy drinkers.

Rosacea  seems to affect women more seriously than men, especially emotional, rosy, fair, thin-skinned women with tempers.

Rosacea isn’t usually apparent when you’re young. It develops over a period of years, appearing, at first, as a temporary flush in the center of your face. It’s the result of vasodilation (the expansion of small blood vessels), but different from a blush. It’s more intense and lasts longer.

Whether temporary or almost permanent, the flush eventually encompasses the cheeks and chin, with broken blood vessels showing up at the sides of your nose (this is not to say that everyone with broken blood vessels at the sides of the nose has rosacea).

Suppressing emotions, such as fear and anger, will increase occurrences as will the anticipation of important events or unpleasant scenes. This also heightens the damaging potential to the skin. After dilating repeatedly, blood vessels lose the ability to shrink and your face stays flushed.

Rosacea, like acne, is not fully understood. Often, it’s accompanied by dandruff as well as oily skin and pimples, particularly on the nose.

Rosacea-aggravating Foods: Rosacea prone skin seems to be affected by foods and especially the temperature of foods that naturally dilate  capillaries. Sipping cool water or iced drinks with a hot meal may help avoid the flush.

Steer clear of refined carbohydrates: sugar, candy, pastries, also capillary dilating spicy foods (including mustard, catsup and relishes), which, on the whole, may not be as detrimental as the temperature.

Histamines (chemicals found naturally in the body, and in some plants and animals) and tyramine have been cited as the worst offenders. Histamines are contained in red wine and beer, champagne, bourbon, gin and vodka (white wine is okay).

Aged cheeses contain tyramine. Definitely no cheddar and camembert. Cottage cheese is okay. Avoid fermented, pickled, and smoked food.  Hold the MSG in Chinese takeout, also the hot spices and soy sauce. (Read labels, many prepared foods contain MSG.)

No hot dogs at the ball park, or after-the-game cold cuts, salami, pepperoni and other hard sausages, and don’t bring home the bacon – all contain nitrates).

Organ meats, especially liver, and yeast extract are no-nos. So are sour fruits or veggies, especially citrus, pineapples, and tomatoes. Watch out for bananas, figs, avocados, peppers, raisins, nuts, vanilla extract, coffee, tea and colas. When supplementing with vitamins, avoid theniacin-flush – large doses of B3, which cause blood to flood to the skin’s surface. Small 10 mg doses of Riboflavin (B2), twice daily, may help.

Giving up on your diet?  Don’t!  Start step by step. Customize. Experts suggest eating bland cool foods and building from there. Try a cold potato or a cold turnip and start adding in and trying foods, gauging your reactions as you go.

Skin Care. Your skin is sensitive, treat it very gently. Do not use scrubs or mechanical exfoliants of any kind (including a washcloth); avoid very hot (this includes steaming, hot tubs and saunas) and very cold water. Stay out of the sun. Use a sunscreen. Avoid getting overheated. Read cosmetic labels, sorbic acid in some formulations will cause vasodilation,

Exercise is important for rosacea complexions. Exercises that cause you to overheat, however, should not be undertaken.  Swimming in cool water is great. Easy bicycling. Yoga and  relaxing meditation could help you to release those minor irritations that can destroy your skin.

The following can also help: facials and masks that contain, Aloe Vera, Ginseng, Squalene, Rosehips and Chamomile. Very helpful is the essential oil Blue Chamomile (German Chamomile). Very high in Azulene (actually, Chamazulen) and Bisabolol, it is very soothing on severe inflammations. Also Tea Tree Oil can be safely dabbed full strength on painful pimples, reducing the heat and inflammation.

Your dermatologist may have other ideas as well. Check with him before starting your at-home help. Hormone balancing is sometimes prescribed for postmenopausal rosacea complexions.

More help and in-depth information for acne rosacea can be found in my new book Cure Rosacea: New Information, Help and Hope for Adult Acne

Adapted from Facelift Naturally

Julia Busch’s facial acupressure program

1. Drink 6 to 10, 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Adequate water will provide the moisture needed to plump your skin to keep it youthful and wrinkle-free.

2. Hydrate your skin from the outside. Use moisture-gathering ingredients: urea, lactic acid, NaPCA. Honey and aloe are also natural moisturizers.

3. Seal in moisture with oils that contain essential fatty acids. Cold-pressed vegetable oils such as avocado, olive, castor, almond, jojoba and evening primrose are excellent.

4. Get enough sleep. Without sleep no one has a youthful face.

5. Exfoliate during or after cleansing. Remove your skin’s outer layer daily. Dead skin cells build up every 24 hours. Removing them, helps to keep your skin wrinkle-free. It stimulates new cell growth and clears the way for nutrient absorption.

6. Eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables.

7. Wear sunscreen or sunblock when going into the sunlight. This includes tanning beds. Experts say that ultraviolet rays of the sun may be responsible for 90 percent of all wrinkles. Various essential oils and opaque makeup contain forms of sunscreens. You may be able to avoid chemical irritants by layering your natural cosmetics and makeup.

8. Don’t smoke. Smoking destroys the vitamin C that keeps your collagen fibers attached to your skin and the fatty pad underneath. After thirty, a smoker ages much more rapidly than a nonsmoker.

9. Sleep on your back or you will wake up looking like your rumpled sheets.


10. Take care not to over express yourself by emoting lines and wrinkles into your face. While you are on the phone, have a mirror nearby and check yourself.

11. Exercise regularly. Whether it is aerobic dance, yoga,  basketball or a walk after dinner, exercise brings blood and nutrients to the skin and can even add thickness to aging skin. It also revives elasticity.

12. Practice a light massage, stroking or acupressure such as Facelift Naturally and your skin with stay youthful and wrinkle-free.

Copyright © Julia Busch 2010

The best way to revive a wilted romaine, celery stalk, or carrot stick is to place it in ice water. This little trick has saved many a salad and, would you believe, many a face as well. The taut rosy faces of winter are ready examples.  And rumor has it that certain movie stars always take the frigid plunge before going in front of the camera.

Whether or not there’s truth to the rumor (my guess is yes), the method certainly works.

I first encountered the idea some twenty years ago in a book by Jessica Krane, a wonderfully intelligent, remarkably innovative woman intent on saving her skin. Jessica wrote, “…for almost four years I have frozen my face every day–well over 1,000 times in all….  At this writing,  my facial skin tightly adheres to its structure… perhaps more tightly now than when I was under twenty.” (She never would tell her age). She also cautioned that if she stopped her facial freeze for only one day, she noticed the difference.

The crisping unquestionably works. I saw an immediate difference…

You can download the entire “Freez” Lift method here. It’s taken from the book Treat Your Face Like a Salad, 256 pages of natural skin care.