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You can exhilarate “in the limelight” without being in show biz and

deeply relax in an ocean of sapphire without basking on a Caribbean

Island — all you need is a set of color filters and a light source

to enjoy the effects.

Bathing in color is possibly the oldest, most powerful way to

rejuvenate body and soul (ask any Ancient Egyptian about their

Temples of Light).

Soak up the rays, al fresco, in the privacy of your bedroom, bath

or spa. Simply taking the plunge proves how effective color can be.

Adding your favorite essential oil blend into the equation creates

sheer heaven!

To erase wrinkles and tone your face and neck, simply bask from the

shoulders up with Turquoise and Lemon to rebuild collagen.

I’ve seen a woman with deep, leathery wrinkles in her face drop

about 20 years in several weeks simply by routinely bathing her

skin one-half to one hour in Turquoise light for 5 or 6 days,

alternating with one day of Lemon.

But not just any colored lights will do. You’ll need the book Let

There Be Light: Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy by

Darius Dinshaw. If you can’t find the book easily on line, you can

buy a single copy directly from the Dinshah Health Society. They don’t take credit cards unfortunately, just check,

cash or money order. They are in NJ and can be reached at


Roscolene theatrical gels are used for the color lenses. They are

specifically constructed to give light waves as close to the lead

crystal lenses used by Darius Dinshah. Construction is overseen by

the Dinshah family.

The gels can be found on line. But since I have been using the

system for years, for a wide variety of conditions — anything from a

cold to helping my dog’s heart condition resolve (yes, these lights

can work wonders in many areas — that’s why you must have the

book — they are miraculous).

I’m sure the light fixtures and gels are available on line, but  I

purchase mine from the Lighting Guy in Texas, phone

(214)421-0757. You need the pre-assembled 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ Dinshah

filter set. Cost is around $35.

Two types of boot lamps are available. One is black steel for around

$39 (my favorite). The other is polished aluminum for about $52. If

you have a camera tripod, you can use it to support the boot lamp.

The theatrical light and tripod stand make life easy. Although, I

confess, most times, I just lay my lamp on the bed next to me or my

patient (usually one of my pets) and it works just fine.

Once you are set up, the process is simple. Read the book to get an

idea of the protocol. Then lay or sit under the Turquoise light for

5 or 6 days, alternating with one day of Lemon.

It works! It’s inexpensive! It’s practical! Enjoy!

P.S. I have no financial affiliations with either the Lighting Guy

or the Dinshah Society.

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