Adapted from Facelift Naturally

Julia Busch’s facial acupressure program

1. Drink 6 to 10, 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Adequate water will provide the moisture needed to plump your skin to keep it youthful and wrinkle-free.

2. Hydrate your skin from the outside. Use moisture-gathering ingredients: urea, lactic acid, NaPCA. Honey and aloe are also natural moisturizers.

3. Seal in moisture with oils that contain essential fatty acids. Cold-pressed vegetable oils such as avocado, olive, castor, almond, jojoba and evening primrose are excellent.

4. Get enough sleep. Without sleep no one has a youthful face.

5. Exfoliate during or after cleansing. Remove your skin’s outer layer daily. Dead skin cells build up every 24 hours. Removing them, helps to keep your skin wrinkle-free. It stimulates new cell growth and clears the way for nutrient absorption.

6. Eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables.

7. Wear sunscreen or sunblock when going into the sunlight. This includes tanning beds. Experts say that ultraviolet rays of the sun may be responsible for 90 percent of all wrinkles. Various essential oils and opaque makeup contain forms of sunscreens. You may be able to avoid chemical irritants by layering your natural cosmetics and makeup.

8. Don’t smoke. Smoking destroys the vitamin C that keeps your collagen fibers attached to your skin and the fatty pad underneath. After thirty, a smoker ages much more rapidly than a nonsmoker.

9. Sleep on your back or you will wake up looking like your rumpled sheets.


10. Take care not to over express yourself by emoting lines and wrinkles into your face. While you are on the phone, have a mirror nearby and check yourself.

11. Exercise regularly. Whether it is aerobic dance, yoga,  basketball or a walk after dinner, exercise brings blood and nutrients to the skin and can even add thickness to aging skin. It also revives elasticity.

12. Practice a light massage, stroking or acupressure such as Facelift Naturally and your skin with stay youthful and wrinkle-free.

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